Credit Cards are Dirtier Than Train Station Urinals

It is hard to believe, but the following claim about urinal handles vs credit cards is taken from an article just published by the Arizona Republic by Russ Wiles. Check it out here…

And Mike Brown’s original article, Dirty Money; New Research Reveals The Filthiness of Our Cash, Cards, & Coins, goes into even more depth, with great graphics and details. 


Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay, a finance website, tested various items for their germ scores and found credit and debit cards to be near the top of the list — not as dirty as New York City park benches and rental-bike handles, for example, but more so than a urinal handle at Penn Station and more than the city’s subway poles.

The 41 payment cards tested by the website had an average germ score of 285,  compared with 160 for various dollar bills and 136 for different coins. Lower scores indicate less bacteria, with germ scores of 10 or below recommended for restaurant surfaces. LendEDU conducted the study in early May using Hygiena’s SystemSure Plus Handheld testing device.

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