Origin of the Fly

I often get asked about where I came up with the idea for the UrinalFly.  The original idea belongs to economist Aad Kieboom.  From a 1999 Whole Earth Aricle talking about bringing the UrinalFly to JFK airport:

“Each urinal at the Amsterdam airport has the black outline of a fly etched into the porcelain-”This improves the man’s aim,” says Aad Kieboom, an economist. His staff conducted fly-in-urinal trials and found that etchings reduce spillage by 80 per cent. The Dutch will transfer the technology to New York. “It gives a guy something to think about,” says Jan Jansen, the new Dutch general manager in New York. “It’s a perfect example of process control.”

I came across the idea while designing some bathroom related products for another company.  It struck me right away as an ideal first product to launch a company whose purpose is to “Bring fun to the restroom”.

Thanks to Nathan Verill’s blog for the shout out and the link.

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