Grey Target – Pack of 12


Urinal Fly’s “Grey Target” design.

  • Each waterproof decal, measuring 1″ (2.5 cm) in diameter, is made in the USA, and lasts for approximately 1 year.
  • A pack of 12 decals makes potty training and man-training fun and economical, with easy installation and included instructions.
  • Office buildings, schools, manufacturing facilities, restaurants, and bars see 80% cleaner bathrooms, in minutes.
  • Help eliminate odors, spillage, and dirty floors, making bathrooms safer and cleaner.
  • All of our packaging is green-the cardboard header board and the plastic sleeve can both be recycled in single-stream recycling.
  • Give them something to aim for!


Founded in 2009, Urinal Fly decals can be found in the urinals and toilets of bars, restaurants, manufacturing facilities, office buildings, schools, hotels, at home, or anywhere where the male species is present. Instructions are included with each order.

Made from long-lasting vinyl-polypropylene, our 1 inch diameter (2.5 cm) circular toilet stickers assist both young boys in potty training and grown men, in ‘focusing’.

Makes bathrooms safer and cleaner, eliminating odors, spillage, and dirty floors. Simply place the sticker in the toilet or urinal and let the boys do the rest! When applying the decals, wear protective gloves and wash your hands thoroughly afterwards. TIP: Please make sure the surface of your toilet/urinal has been cleaned and is completely dry before applying a sticker. Wet or greasy surfaces affect adhesiveness.