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Restroom Cleaning 101: Keeping the Workplace Bathroom Squeaky Clean

This very recent article has some great facts, as well as suggestions, on keeping workplace bathrooms clean. Urinal Fly toilet stickers are not mentioned, but actually make a great preventative against dirty bathroom floors, toilets, and urinals. Enjoy! Clean restrooms in a workplace setup have a positive impact on both the staff and visitors. Most […]

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How Waterless Toilets Can Make a Splash

This is a fairly recent article from the UN’s Environmental Programs newsfeed. As we continue to try and improve on cleanliness and waste with UrinalFly potty targets, I thought this is a timely article. Enjoy! Twenty-eight-year-old Jenifer Colpas is Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder at Tierra Grata. It is a social enterprise that sets out […]

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