Keeps Bathrooms up to 85% cleaner

  • Cleaner, safer restrooms in minutes
  • Made famous in the Amsterdam International Airport
  • Reduces spillage in Men’s urinals and toilets
  • Installs in seconds


Urinal Fly toilet stickers, made famous in the Amsterdam International Airport, keep toilets up to 85% cleaner. Installed in seconds, these USA-made, high-quality decals reduce spillage, making restrooms safer and cleaner.

Our goal at UrinalFly.com is to make the world cleaner, one bathroom at a time. This simple product works with a man’s basic instincts to produce a cleaner bathroom and perhaps some laughs along the way. Give them something to aim for, and you will be amazed by the results.

guarantee“We know that you will see cleaner bathrooms in minutes. If you are not satisfied at anytime, contact us at james@urinalfly.com for your money back.”

News & Press

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