Announcing a change in ownership at Urinal Fly

I am happy to announce that, as of January 24, I am the new owner of  The original owner and a good friend of mine, Doug Kempel, will continue to mentor and guide me as we make the transition.   A new product line is in the works, and should be available soon, as well as a website re-tool.  Thank you for choosing to purchase high quality, American-made decals, and for your continued support!



2 thoughts on “Announcing a change in ownership at Urinal Fly

  1. How or were can I purchase for our Christian school. Amazon claims unavailable to Canada. ( national security threat?LOL )

    1. Good morning, Ray,
      Thanks for your inquiry. Yes, toilet decals are a huge security threat, don’t you know. To make your order, the easiest way is to purchase through the website, where we can ship anywhere in the world. My wife and I have enjoyed some great trips to Canada, including Niagara Falls, Calgary, Banff, Vancouver, and Vancouver Island-Tofino, and have been treated well, so tell you what-I will include a number of bonus decals with your order. Thank you, Ray. Best regards, James

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