Month: December 2019

5 Nearly Miraculous Ways To Keep Your Toilet Cleaner For Longer

I’m not sure if I’ve ever tried more than 2 of 5 tips from, but I can vouch for the vinegar-baking soda tip for gunk-clogged shower drains. Not to be cheeky, but I really would expand this list to 6, adding the Urinal Fly toilet stickers. Urinal Fly gives boys and guys something to […]

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Bathroom Cleaning Tips

I’m always on the lookout for helpful bathroom cleaning tips, and this article from Good Housekeeping has some great ideas. Keeping your bathroom clean for your family and guests at the holidays is important, especially with all of the winter germs floating around. If it were me (wink, wink), I would add Urinal Fly toilet […]

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