Bestselling Book mentions UrinalFly!

It all started with an email interview over a year ago.  I get a note from the guys at the NudgeBlog that they want to interview me for their widely read blog.  I agreed, answered a few questions, and promptly forgot all about it.  Then the book “Nudge” comes out and they use UrinalFly as a prime example of the concept.  The book is now a bestseller and more people know about us than ever!  Thank you Thaler and Sunstein for the shout out.  I appreciate that 2 of the great thinkers of our time acknowledge what we already know, that the UrinalFly is the ideal way to keep your bathrooms cleaner.

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  1. John Q Public says:

    Would it be profitable to product products resembling US presidents, congressmen and women or senators?

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