Month: May 2019

Credit Cards are Dirtier Than Train Station Urinals

It is hard to believe, but the following claim about urinal handles vs credit cards is taken from an article just published by the Arizona Republic by Russ Wiles. Check it out here… And Mike Brown’s original article, Dirty Money; New Research Reveals The Filthiness of Our Cash, Cards, & Coins, goes into even more depth, with great […]

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Awesome New Video About Urinal Fly Toilet Decals!

Dagens Næringsliv, a business newspaper in Norway, established in 1889 to mostly write about the maritime industry, today covers all aspects of business.  They just produced an informational video on ‘nudging’ and showcase the Urinal Fly toilet sticker as a prime example of convincing the public to act in a responsible manner by ‘nudging’, instead […]

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