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A Personal Hygiene New Years Resolution?

Improve personal hygiene in 2019 for around $10?  Done!  UrinalFly has you covered.  Discover what office building managers, hotels and restaurants, airports, building maintenance supervisors, and schools already know.  By installing a simple target for the male species to shoot at, bathrooms stay cleaner.  Bathroom floors, bathroom walls, urinals, flush handles, toilet seats and lids-everything […]

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Toilet Decals as a Christmas Stocking Stuffer?

Funny as it may sound, Urinal Fly sells more toilet cleanliness decals in December than in any other month.  Perhaps our customers are looking for gifts for boys who are potty training?  Or maybe, with family members visiting over the holidays, a cleaner bathroom is desired?  Either way, $10 is a perfect price point, and […]

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