The Fly on NPR – Now the world knows

2 weeks ago I received a call from Jennifer at NPR (National Public Radio) asking if I would do a radio interview.  Finally, the call that I was waiting for.  Someone had recognized my contribution to world cleanliness and I was to be recognized for it!  Of course this is not exactly how it went.  The first question that Jennifer asked was “Can you help us get a hold of Aad Kieboom?  We would like to interview him about the Urinal Fly?”  This is like having a beautiful woman walk up to you in a bar, lean in toward your ear, and whisper seductively “Is that your friend over there by the pool table?  Can you introduce me?”

This was a blow to my ego but I am strong and was able to carry on.  I told Jennifer honestly that I have never met Aad though I hope to some day.  Jennifer then asked if I would be available to interview with Robert Krulwich for the “Krulwich on Science” show.  I agreed of course.  This was my chance to share the Fly with the world!

2 days later I was in a sound booth at the local Clear Channel radio station hub, completing a sound check, and getting ready to interview with Robert.  The interview was humorous with lots of smart, focused, and science oriented questions.  I had a good time and I hope that I didn’t sound like a stammering idiot.  It is too bad that our local NPR station, KUNC, does not seem to carry the show.

I hope that I did the proud.  I will link to the podcast of the program as soon as it is available online.

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